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COVID-19 and other germs and virus can be spread through airborne particulates, so we’ve installed four different air purification systems to remove as any of those particulates from the air as possible.

1. Vida Shield – These ceiling-mounted units purify the air with UVC (Ultraviolet C) light, which has long been used in hospitals to kill bacteria, viruses and mold. Our office air is constantly circulated through the Vida Shield units, where it gets zap-cleaned with UVC light. Read more about how the Vida Shield works here.

2. Medify Air System – These floor units filter and trap any particulates larger than 1 micron (which includes COVID virus particulates). Once trapped in the Medify Air System units, the particulates can’t do any harm to you. Read more about how Medify Air System works here.

3. ActivePure – We installed this air scrubbing system in our HVAC system, so it cleans the air for our entire office. The ActivePure converts microscopic oxygen and water molecules in the air into powerful oxidizers that destroy contaminates like fungus, mold and bacteria. ActivePure is the only air cleaning technology awarded the prestigious Space Technology Seal of Approval by the Space Foundation, which was created in cooperation with NASA. Read more about ActivePure here.

4. IQ Air – Every night after the office has closed, this air ozonation system creates a fog in the entire office to purify air with ozone, an oxygen-based, chemical-free disinfectant. We like to think of these like a deep-cleansing facial for our air. Read more about IQ Air here.

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