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Our Floss Couture Keeps Us Fashionably Clean

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COVID-19 and other germs can stick to surfaces and potentially spread if someone touches an infected surface before touching their nose or mouth. Surfaces like countertops, door handles and light switches can be easily wiped down with disinfectant, but clothing is a little trickier to clean. So we’re adding some new looks to our Floss uniform to keep it extra clean and to keep you extra safe.

1. No Outside Clothing - When they arrive for work, all staff members will change out of their own clothes and into clean base-layer scrubs, as well as their own K95 mask. At the end of the day, staff will place their scrubs into their individual laundry bag to be washed and their K95 masks will be sterilized with ozone.

2. Single-wear scrub jackets, surgical caps and face covers - Upon entering each patient room, staff members will put on a new long sleeve scrub jacket over their scrubs as well as a surgical cap to cover their hair and and a dis-infectable face shield to cover their K95 mask. After the exam, the staff member will leave the jacket, surgical cap and face shield in the room to be cleaned later. This will help to prevent the spread of germs from one patient room to another.

3. Our in-house laundromat - We’ve built our own laundromat to wash our scrubs, scrub jackets and surgical caps on-site – this reduces any risk of bringing in germs from an outside laundry service provider.

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