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COVID-19 and other germs can spread when spit or spray comes out of an infected individual’s mouth and circulates in the air. So if we can minimize the amount of spray that enters the air during a dental visit, then we can reduce the risk of those germs getting to anyone else. Fortunately, modern dentistry provides some pretty nifty tools to help us out.

1. Peroxyl Pre-rinse – Every patient will rinse their mouth for 30-60 seconds with a Peroxyl rinse to clean their mouth before any exam or procedure begins. This cleans the mouth and help to reduce the risk of contaminated particulates getting into the air during the cleaning or procedure.

2. Laser dentistry: We use a precision laser machine, called a Solea, instead of drills, to do procedures like fillings. With lasers, there are fewer surfaces to disinfect and less spray is created. Bonus: Solea is also more quiet than a drill, not to mention virtually painless. Learn more about Solea here.

3. High-volume suction: If germs can’t get into the air, then they can’t spread to others. We use one of two high-volume suction systems (depending on the patient and the procedure) to gently pull any saliva from your mouth before it can circulate in the air.

4. Optradam: This simple piece of thin, sterile rubber will cover and protect your teeth and gums except that specific area that is being worked on. This helps to further limit germs from getting into the air.

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