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Our Water is Floss-Fresh!

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Dentistry inevitably involves mouths (why thank you, Captain Obvious). And during most dental procedures, at least a small amount of spit or spray will come out of the patient’s mouth and enter the air. While we can’t literally scrub spit, we can make sure that the water we use in our patients’ mouths is as clean as possible, thus helping to make the resulting spit as clean as possible. Here’s how we’re cleaning our water.

1. Reverse Osmosis – We’ve installed specialized equipment that uses reverse osmosis to filter our water to a near-distilled level of purity. If you recall your junior high science class, you’ll know that reverse osmosis works when pressure is applied to water to push it through a semi-permeable membrane (aka a filter); the membrane traps the contaminates so that the water comes out clean on the other side. #weheartscience

2. BioSure – This system uses ozone (aka oxygen, not harsh chemicals) to “supercharge” our water with a sterilizing effect. Basically, the water becomes infused with anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. Read more about BioSure here.

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