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  • Aging and Oral Health: Know the Facts

    cartoon senior man holding toothbrush and dentures

    Let’s talk about aging and the realities behind senior dental hygiene!

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  • Oral Cancer Awareness Month

    Oral cancer is highly preventable, but often diagnosed in later stages. Here's the warning signs and symptoms to watch for.

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  • Historical Women in Dentistry

    Lucy Hobbs and Emeline Jones provided both healing and hope, and we recognize their contributions to both women and dentistry!

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  • Matters of the Heart! and Tips to De-Stress

    Statistics show that heart disease risks increase as we get older. Starting from an early age is of course ideal, but here we are right now! We must begin making changes in our everyday lives. And here's how to start!

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  • 5 Causes of Sensitive Teeth

    Having sensitive teeth is very common and treatable. If the sensitivity you’re feeling is mild, there are several over-the-counter options that can help alleviate the discomfort.

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  • 5 Holiday Stocking Stuffers to Make a Smile Brighter!

    This Christmas, we’re striving to be more mindful of our oral health, do what we can to prevent any sugar overload, and invite you to take that on as well!

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  • Things You Need to Know About Dental History

    The concept behind today’s dentistry got its start between 1650 and the 1800s, and the man who started it all was 17th-century French physician Pierre Fauchard. He is properly named “The Father of Modern Dentistry”. 

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  • 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy for Halloween

    Halloween brings out our inner child. It gets us excited to dress up, decorate the house, and share candy. It is also a time when we all feel comfortable enough to eat as many pieces of candy as we want, because what’s Halloween without sweets? 

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  • From Tooth Decay to Tooth Loss

    cartoon teeth and gums

    Gum disease starts because of the bacteria that form and stays on teeth. If the bacteria are not removed daily with brushing and flossing, the plaque builds up and the bacteria starts infecting the gums and teeth. Left untreated, teeth will eventually start to fall out or will require professional extraction

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  • Do Toothpicks Really Belong In Your Mouth?

    cartoon teeth with toothpick dislodging meat


    If a piece of the toothpick breaks off, try and get another set of eyes to help you find it, because those pieces can be very hard to dislodge. Those broken pieces can quickly cause inflammation and will cause damage the longer they are left inside. Remember — if you are unable to remove the broken piece(s), contact us. We’re here to help… judgement free!






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