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  • Mouthwash: Friend or Foe?

    Line drawings of mouthwash bottles with smiling and frowning emojis and text: Mouthwash: Friend or Foe?

    Every dentist will tell you that it is necessary to brush and floss your teeth to maintain your oral health, but what about using mouthwash? Is it an essential part of your dental routine, a neutral addition, or actively harmful? While there isn’t a dental consensus about the necessity of mouthwash, there are certain facts that can help you decide whether it is right for you.

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  • Aging and Oral Health: Know the Facts

    cartoon senior man holding toothbrush and dentures

    Let’s talk about aging and the realities behind senior dental hygiene!

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  • 5 Holiday Stocking Stuffers to Make a Smile Brighter!

    This Christmas, we’re striving to be more mindful of our oral health, do what we can to prevent any sugar overload, and invite you to take that on as well!

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  • Things You Need to Know About Dental History

    The concept behind today’s dentistry got its start between 1650 and the 1800s, and the man who started it all was 17th-century French physician Pierre Fauchard. He is properly named “The Father of Modern Dentistry”. 

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  • 5 Easy Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy for Halloween

    Halloween brings out our inner child. It gets us excited to dress up, decorate the house, and share candy. It is also a time when we all feel comfortable enough to eat as many pieces of candy as we want, because what’s Halloween without sweets? 

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  • Expectations VS Reality: 4 Dental Myths DEBUNKED!


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    Believe it or not, your oral health impacts many different areas of your total well being. Did you know your oral health can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, blood cell disorders, and bacterial pneumonia?


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  • Why, When, What Type, and How to Floss

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    If you are flossing every day and still see a lot of plaque buildup, chances are you're not doing it right. When you floss incorrectly it can cause bleeding and damage to your gums and any surrounding dental work. 

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  • 10 Ways to Love Your Teeth

    February, the month of love, AND the American Heart Month! Here are 10 easy things to keep your smile and heart healthy! 

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